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How “Just Make it A Priority” Sabotages Yourself and Those Around You.

One day I walked into my favorite class for a test.  Now, I am a stellar test taker.  Not intending to brag on myself, but I am.  I study, sure, but I also don't get nervous and have an easy time navigating my way through them.  They don't bother me.  I am usually very quick, one of the first people to turn my answers in.  But not this day.  This day, I was the last person in the room, and time was running out, and my brain was stalling.  I could not find a way to reason through a problem that I knew I should know.

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The Big Why

I believe that facebook posts should be somewhat short---- I mean our attention spans are only so long, and frankly Facebook is my "scroll".  If you interrupt my scroll for a 12 minute read about this issue or that issue, I probably will lose interest and won't read it.  And I wager I am not… Continue reading The Big Why

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Inch by Inch: Accepting Hard Things

Over the years, sewing has become a way for me to process life.  When my biological children and I were separated, for the longest time I couldn't even look at my sewing machine.  Because a big part of the reason I started sewing was for them, and "now they were gone."  It was hard.  My… Continue reading Inch by Inch: Accepting Hard Things