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Hiatus is Necessary

Life often has an interesting way of bringing challenges and change in multiples.  I have found this to be particular true recently in our home and family.  So, I am sorry for the lack of material- on any front.  Sometimes, life comes along and you need to live it, rather than writer brain it, and… Continue reading Hiatus is Necessary

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“The Country” is NOT Your Personal Dumping Ground!

Yeah, that title was rant-y, and a bit click bait-y, and intentionally so. Those of us who live "in the country" are getting really tired of being used by "you" as a dumping ground. You dump your trash out here: Because I guess you don't want your wife/ husband/ mom/ dad/ son/ daughter to know that you… Continue reading “The Country” is NOT Your Personal Dumping Ground!

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The Cost of Love: In Dollars and Cents

Years ago, when things started going crazy with my kiddos, things also went crazy, the opposite way, for a high school classmate of mine.  I don't know that we have real life talked since high school to be honest, but as we have taken our respective journey's with our children we have talked via messenger,… Continue reading The Cost of Love: In Dollars and Cents

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My Bible is Better Than Yours…

I recently celebrated my birthday (number 25, again... ).  My amazing husband and I had each just gotten bonuses from our employers, and we decided that we could spare just a little bit from our Dave Ramsey gazelle like intensity (for more on that read the total money makeover) to celebrate.  I got to choose,… Continue reading My Bible is Better Than Yours…