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How to Pick the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater in 5 Steps

Have you ever noticed that you see pictures of Ugly Sweater parties, and somehow the people still look attractive?!  What is up with that anyway?!  They put on the most horrendous (we suppose anyway) garment that they could find, and they still look good??  Well, it comes down to picking the perfect sweater, and then OWNING it.  And a glorious smile, of course.  All flaws, including poor fashion, can be fixed with a smile and the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party pictures are proof.  So, use the tips above to find YOUR perfectly UGLY sweater, then OWN it like you have never owned anything else in your life, and I promise, you will look smashing and have made amazing memories that you and your friends will be reliving and enjoying for years to come. 

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Corny Corn Hole

Then it's my turn.   I hit the car (which was parked some 10 feet behind the board).  I hit my husband's head.  I nailed a tree- 25 feet to the left.  And two bags landed 2 inches in front of my shoes.  Which, yes, were on my feet. Basically, I got those little sacks of beans all over our campsite AND the neighbors!  In fact, they stopped playing guitar and signing in order stare, mouths agape at my bean sack tossing prowess. 

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You, Too: Two Words That Say So Much More

If you are someone who reads for "all the feels," you want to read this post.  If you are a member of my family and know what my family has gone through, you want to read this post.  If you are a parent who has been on the "receiving" end of parentally alienating behaviors... want to read this post.

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No Need to be Snotty About It! Five Things You Need to Know about Mucus

It's that time of year.  The time when we send kids back to school and colds and the flu spread like wildfire.  We try to get our flu shots before we get sick (I got mine this week!), buy up the tissues, and Claritin, and cough drops, and whatever other methods we use to get through the approximate 2 week period it takes for a cold to run its course.

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How “Just Make it A Priority” Sabotages Yourself and Those Around You.

One day I walked into my favorite class for a test.  Now, I am a stellar test taker.  Not intending to brag on myself, but I am.  I study, sure, but I also don't get nervous and have an easy time navigating my way through them.  They don't bother me.  I am usually very quick, one of the first people to turn my answers in.  But not this day.  This day, I was the last person in the room, and time was running out, and my brain was stalling.  I could not find a way to reason through a problem that I knew I should know.

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Inch by Inch: Accepting Hard Things

Over the years, sewing has become a way for me to process life.  When my biological children and I were separated, for the longest time I couldn't even look at my sewing machine.  Because a big part of the reason I started sewing was for them, and "now they were gone."  It was hard.  My… Continue reading Inch by Inch: Accepting Hard Things

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An Open Letter to Pokemon Go Users

In a previous post I addressed those who are "Anti- Pokemon Go," calling them out for what I believe is an intolerance of difference and a lack of understanding.  You can read that letter and why I decided to download Pokemon Go, as well as my family's reaction here.    However, some of their points do… Continue reading An Open Letter to Pokemon Go Users

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An Open Letter to the Anti-Pokemon-Go Movement

Pokemon Go. A debate I thought I was going to avoid. An app I was insanely curious about. I guess when you are curious about a product that has some contention attached to it, you can't avoid the debate. I downloaded the app this weekend while on a long car ride. People in the car… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Anti-Pokemon-Go Movement