“We all have monkeys on our  back; it’s how we manage them that matters!”

Life is funny. It has a way of handing us just a little bit more than we think we can handle. A few more monkeys than we can fight so to speak, and they most certainly are YOUR circus. No “Not my circus, not my Monkeys” here.

Life has taken me on a journey that is slightly more believable than the stories told in a circus.

That journey has included a lifetime of learning how to live with and manage depression and anxiety, advocating for and understanding my own physical health and wellbeing, telling my money where to go instead of it bleeding through my fingers, learning how to stand up for myself, and being true to myself always- even when all the cards are stacked against me and lies are being tossed around about me like candy in a parade.

Be true to yourself always- even when all the cards are stacked against you and lies are being tossed around about you like candy in a parade..png

Over the course of this blog I share some of those journeys- from the battle for the right just to SEE my children, to the battle to get out of bed each day when my health turned south- and, more importantly, how I came through them and what I have learned from them.

Because the amazing thing is that today, I AM through those battles. Today, I see my children and have good relationships with them. Today, I get out of bed every single morning, without the headaches, pain, and emotional turmoil. Today, I am much farther along the path of healing.
You see, we all have a life journey that is unique, and each of us is handed a battle or 25. And regardless of if you deal with one battle or 25, I firmly believe that each battle has something that it teaches us. And I am not the kind of woman that can keep that information to myself! Not. At. All.

I feel compelled to share what I have learned.

I feel compelled to share with other people who may be having the same struggles; to share with other people who may be fighting physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually to get by, to heal. I feel compelled to help others manage the monkeys hanging on their backs- however small or large, weak or strong those monkeys may be.

We are not defined by our monkeys.

Though often times it feels like it. So much of our life goes into making sure we are not consumed by them, that where the monkey ends and we begin can get blurry. But I believe that by doing something, even just one thing, each day, to address the monkey(s) hanging on our backs, we CAN begin to separate ourselves from them, and thus feel better about ourselves. I am not depression, I HAVE depression.

Not only are we unique beings from the problems we may face in our life, but regardless of whatever problems are following us, WE ARE ENOUGH.


We are not placed here as unworthy beings! However, when the monkeys loom large, this can be SO HARD to see!

So, where do I come into all of this?

I am so glad you asked! 😉

I am Amanda Barbercheck Gates, with ANDAnother Monkey, reminding you that YOU ARE ENOUGH, and TOGETHER we can do GREAT things!

You see, when we come together as a community, and help each other bear our problems and find practical strategies for working through them, we all come out stronger for it.
I use and share my experience and the tips, tricks and thoughts that have helped me turn my life around in hopes that it can help others like you turn things around, too. I encourage others to share as well. I have a community that is built on managing life monkeys on facebook– please feel free to send a join request so that we can support you!

No matter what, always, my goal is to support other people in life- whatever the hurdle.

One vital aspect of my being able to heal has been the use of Plexus supplements. They have helped so much in fact, that I decided to become a Plexus Ambassador.
What does that mean?
It means that I sell Plexus Supplements.
Plexus is a company with a line of high-quality supplements that focus on improving gut health.
Go ahead and laugh, it’s OK. I did. For years.
I’m not kidding, I laughed at the people touting gut health as the way to complete healing. I mean, I had depression and anxiety, clearly my brain was the problem!
No, the chemicals my brain was (or rather, wasn’t) getting was the problem. I know that NOW. 😉
I tried the Plexus Triplex out of desperation. I was the heaviest I had ever been (yeah, vanity played into it), I was sick and tired, then when my doctor got me on medicines that started helping my mentality, I couldn’t eat or get off the toilet (and not in a welcome way!).
The Probio5 got me off the toilet.
The Slim (aka “Pink Drink”) got my focus and energy back. (My husband says that he can’t keep up with me now, and that is saying something!)
The Biocleanse helped me stop looking pregnant. (Not even kidding, a little old lady at church congratulated us on our upcoming addition a year ago.)
I can’t possibly explain all of the benefits here, on this one page… it would go on forever, so in the Health and Wellness dropdown up there, there is a section for Plexus. Some of the posts in that section are geared at network marketing, and some are geared at the health benefits. Or, if you don’t want to read all that jazz— then feel free to contact me in the ANDAnother Feel Good Journey Facebook Group.

At some point, I will figure out how to add a “Contact Me” form, but I’m not there yet 🙂





*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

*** A note about links contained in articles:  The root of their existence is to help YOU, in the event you want to check out purchasing things that I have written about.  However, depending on where they are linked to, they may be affiliate links, for which I may receive compensation.  I will disclose if that is the case.  I am a plexus ambassador.  Plexus links lead to my site.  I receive a commission for sales made through my site.

PS because it’s slightly relevant, I made my wedding dress in this picture- isn’t it lovely?  AND my husband is wearing a two dollar shirt we found at goodwill- isn’t that thrifty? He had a tie etc, but this was taken late toward the end of our reception.)

Photo Courtesy of Studio Limelight Photography. Check her work out here.

2015 June 16 Wedding 432.jpg

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