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How to Help Puerto Rico


How to Help

There is one thing America has always, I thought, been good at, and that was helping other Americans.  But, yet, it has taken until just the past couple of days for people to start wondering why we aren’t helping Puerto Rico, an American Territory.

Darned good question.

Maybe it’s because first there was Texas with Harvey, then there was Florida with Irma, and now there is Puerto Rick- stuck with the two category 5 hurricanes in the same number of weeks.  Maybe people are worn out and tapped out.  But yet, we all know how two dollars here and two dollars there adds up– that if we each just contributed a couple of dollars, it could a long way to helping Puerto Rico rebuild from these disasters.

So, if like me, you are more concerned with making sure the people of Peru have access to rebuilding resources, like the people of Texas and Florida, here is a list of ways you can help:


  1. Catholic Charities USA – This organization repeatedly ends up at the top of disaster recovery lists.  Maybe it’s because of the alphabet, but as a cradle catholic turned protestant, I have to say that the Catholic communities I was privileged to be a part of were some of the most generous people I have ever met in my life.  100% of funds raised go to those affected, according to their website.
  2. UNICEF USA – UNICEF USA is also a good choice.  According to their website, 90% of each dollar raised goes directly to helping CHILDREN affected by these disasters.
  3. UNITED FOR PUERTO RICO – Was started by the Puerto Rican First Lady in conjunction with the private sector (read businesses) to raise funds for disaster recovery.  Top brands such as Coca-Cola and Burger King have put their dollars here.
  4. DIRECT RELIEF –  Be sure to select the dial to “direct my donation to” and then select an emergy (Puerto Rico in the context of this article) to send funds.direct relief
  5. GLOBAL GIVING – Often has programs for disasters.  According to the campaign page, they are still 3 million away from their goal at the time of this writing, with 8 days left. The first priority is to use the funds for food, fuel, clean water (a huge issue for this population right now), hygiene products and shelter.  Once the immediate needs are met, should any funds remain, they will be redirected for long-term rebuilding efforts led by local, vetted organizations.
  6. GO FUND ME – Go fund me has several campaigns set up.


As long of a road as the stateside US faces for recovery, it’s looking like Puerto Rico, may have the longest road of all.

Right now the need is financial.  There likely will be a need for volunteers at some point- register here to be notified when they need people.  (The site is in “Spanish” – Puerto Rican- so you may need to use google translate.

TOGETHER, we can achieve great things, TOGETHER, Puerto Rico can emerge from this stronger and better than they have ever been.

American and proud

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