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Wilderness Girl Tank: Halla Pattern’s Stardust

How about a fun sewing post?

For this project I used the Halla Pattern’s Stardust tank pattern- available for purchase here – or if you are on Facebook, join their group and there is a code to get it free ;-). The Facebook group is fantastic.

I have sewn a couple of their patterns now, and I really like them. They fit my body great (well, I still have to do some grading, since I am different sizes in different places, this is pretty common…. but they are easy adjustments to make), are easy enough to put together and have clear and easy instructions. Not only that, but the instructions also include information regarding how to make basic adjustments to improve the fit of your garment! Armhole too big? Adjust here, or here. They also have a larger size range- 0 to 24- so I can make garments for my teen daughter and garments for my pretty nearly plus size self. Now, keep in mind, these are pattern sewing sizes. In Halla Patterns, I tend to run an 18-20 bust, and a 22 hip, while I wear about a 16-18 in ready to wear. I am also a B cup, so I don’t have to do full bust adjustments, and am really no help when it comes to those. (Although, there are lots of YouTube videos, and other people who ARE helpful when it comes to those.)

stardust pattern peices


Not only is the pattern for this tank easy and awesome, but the fabric I have for it is TO. DIE. FOR.

Like, I saw it and I HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

It’s from Rockerbye Destash Fabrics. I got it in a round of preorders because it was so perfect. It’s a heavier Cotton Lycra (240-260 gsm), with the designs digitally printed on the base. I saw this wilderness girl print, and it was just too perfect, especially when paired with the birch tree coordinate. Now, I will warn you, there isn’t usually a lot of retail, preorders are the way to go with this fabric company. If you are used to getting your knits from KnitPop or So Sew English, then the price is going to be higher than what you are used to, so consider yourself warned– and I love both of those companies as well! But, I totally think it’s worth it when that Oh My Goodness Nothing Could Represent ME Better Fabric happens along AND the quality is there (and you have the funds). It sews up like a dream. Follow their Facebook pages:   Rockerbye Destash, KnitPop, So Sew English.

stardust fabric choices better


And we are off. I assembled my front, per pattern instructions. I even did the top-stitching:

stardust front completed better


And then I put it the rest of the way together forgetting to take pictures. I am horrible at this. I am sorry. But it was easy as pie- easier really, I never figured out how to make a good pie unless it’s that kind you buy from the freezer section at the store, which is really already made for you….. but I digress.

I used a black rayon blend from Jo-Ann’s for the arm, neck and waist bands. I made the tank in a tunic length since I am taller and like my shirts longer. It’s absolutely perfect.

And then I tried to have my husband take pictures. That didn’t go so well. For some reason, every picture he took was insanely blurry. So, I had to resort to selfies, I am sorry. I am getting a selfie stick, pronto.

stardust in the mirror cropped
Mirror selfie
stardust in the full mirror
Mirror Selfie


stardust selfie 1
Turned the camera around selfie

I also have the pieces cut to make a tank that is the opposite of this one- IE a birch tree main with the wilderness girl accent. I think that will super fun for more dressy events- like going to the office (which I sometimes do). If I wear a cardigan over it and it’s my fun little secret that wilderness girl is hiding in the trees. Then, after work…BOOM, she gets to come out and play.  😉 I might be enjoying that analogy a little much, eh?

But….. My twin needle broke just as I was finishing up this tank, so I couldn’t put it together last night.  (sad face).

Anyway, this is fun and easy sew for someone who has done at least one or two projects with knits and has one/tenth of an idea what they are doing. There are no complex techniques used, and it’s easy to get creative. The pattern actually has an option for a fun star inset, too. You really should check it out!

Happy sewing!



** All links are provided for your ease. I receive no compensation from any of the companies mentioned in this post, nor am I affiliated with them in any way other than being a customer. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

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