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The Big Why

I believe that facebook posts should be somewhat short—- I mean our attention spans are only so long, and frankly Facebook is my “scroll”.  If you interrupt my scroll for a 12 minute read about this issue or that issue, I probably will lose interest and won’t read it.  And I wager I am not the only one???   However, if you take that same issue, and write a short summary about it and then direct me to a link about it, I might (probably will) get curious, follow the link and read about the issue you want me to know more about.

I have started this blog post about 12 times now, and keep feeling like it needs revised.  So I am going to try again.

If you know me at all, you know that I am pretty skeptical about a lot of things.  On one hand I will give people the benefit of the doubt, that they do what they need to do for them, but that doesn’t mean I am going to spend my money.  I certainly don’t believe in cure all products.  And if A LOT of people are using something, I will probably actually avoid that product- considering it “overrated”.  So far I have been successful in doing that with Younique and Lulu Roe (nothing inherently against those products, I just seldom wear makeup, and make my own clothes mostly now…. and well, EVERYONE is doing it, which is…. meh).  I wasn’t successful with avoiding Jamberry, or Keep Collective, or…. Plexus.

And I know, if you follow me on facebook, you literally just groaned, like I did when my friends were posting about Plexus.  See, there are a lot of people who post about Plexus in a way that may not be the most appropriate.  They post based on testimonies they have heard where people claim that Plexus has cured conditions such as IBS, Hashimoto’s, Depression…. and so on.

Some of the people making these posts are not well educated about these conditions and/ or about the disclaimer that they should be adding to those posts.

IBS, by definition is chronic.  Meaning Plexus probably didn’t CURE anything, rather it helped with symptom management, or the person was misdiagnosed.  Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disorder, and the causes for these are not well known, but they involve the body’s attach on “healthy” things instead of unhealthy things- a miscommunication, so to speak (no pun intended), in the immune system.  I am not certain that probiotics, prebiotics, chromium, vitamins, or any other supplement out there is going to cure that…  Though, again, it may provide some stellar symptom management.  And who knows, with the causes of that type of condition still as yet not well understood, maybe it does.  *shrug*  Depression is a complex and hotly contested condition- but what is not up for debate is that a key component for many depressives is a chemical imbalance in the brain.  (   Depending on the severity and cause of the depression, Plexus products may indeed be a viable part of a treatment plan (green coffee bean extract, an ingredient in Slim can positively affect serration production, which  begins in the gut and then has to cross the blood/ brain barrier— a bunch of science-y stuff that I only understand at it’s surface level and I won’t bore you with at this time, but that I have spent a lot of time researching since I deal with chronic depression).

If an Ambassador (which is what plexus calls their consultants) posts about a disease state (be it cured or improved), they should be including the following statement:
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

Which is included on all OTC supplements- even that bottle of vitamins you pick up.

It wasn’t until someone smart enough to use that phrase, and to be really upfront with me (as upfront as I was with my questions), that I was able to even consider the product.  I was getting desperate, so I was willing to listen, which also helped.

I was suffering 5-7 days a week with headaches and migraines.  A doctor (not my normal one), noted that the antidepressant, which I had been on for a couple of years, was known to cause headaches, and without a careful enough evaluation talked me into trying things without an antidepressant.

I lasted three months.

The first month, neither I nor my husband noticed any mood changes.  The second month we didn’t either.  We thought I was doing fine.  But I wasn’t.  I was just BEHAVING fine.  I have had this long enough, and had a whole trick of coping mechanisms that could get me by, but not when left in a chronically low serotonin state.

And not only that, but I STILL had the headaches.  So, I scheduled a follow up with my regular doctor.  I scheduled it a month out, so that I could track the headaches for her.

The day before my visit, I had a stress induced breakdown- so bad that my husband asked if I needed to go the hospital and I couldn’t answer him—- because I was deeply afraid that I DID need to go to the hospital.  (And, if there is anyone out there reading this questioning if they need to go to the hospital- there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING wrong with going.  Don’t let my fear of going be misinterpreted as judgement for anyone who needs to or has had to go!)  I wrote some about that here: The Mental Battle of a Breakdown and 5 Things I Wish People Close to Us Understood

He called in sick the next day.  He drove me to the doctor- as I was still not in the best place and I wasn’t comfortable driving myself.  I didn’t even make it through the typical “Are these your medications?” nurse questions before I was a mess of tears (breakdowns will do that to you).  My doctor talked to me about my headaches that day.  She also talked to me about my depression, we talked about the thought processes at play, and she told me point blank that she would not be able to support me not taking an antidepressant, and that I need to be OK with taking them…. forever.  I agreed.

We talked about Plexus.  My desperation to feel any relief, any relief at all from the headaches had lead to conversations with Plexus ambassadors, but I wasn’t sure about the product.  Her response was that 1) I needed to wait and get on my medication cycle and we needed to check for side effects (easier to spot in isolation), and 2) after that she was fine with it as long as it was part of a whole healthy lifestyle.

The person I was talking to about Plexus was running a deal for people who joined as ambassadors, and there was (still is at the time of this writing) not only the 60 day money back guarantee, which I was banking on, but also no obligation to buy again in the future (ie no minimum order requirements).  Granted, you become inactive, but placing an order changes that status, so it’s not a big deal.  I am not sure of the consequences if you remain in active for an extended period of time.  I am not that worried about it to be honest. So, I got the Triplex Welcome Pack, which has Slim, Probio-5 and Bio-cleanse.

plexus with flowers.jpg

I didn’t start with Slim.  I am just going to put that out there.  I know Slim is the most heavily marketed Plexus product, but that isn’t where I started.  I started with the Probio-5 because my medications were causing some not so fun tummy issues, and probiotics can help regulate things like that.  And, a combination of that and learning when to take my medicine, and taking one of them with food, and we got my stomach settled down.

THEN, I tried Slim.  I did a seven day facebook challenge to start, and to be honest, day one, I didn’t notice any change.  Not a single one.  Day two, nope.  Day three, I started feeling perkier, was looking forward to my morning drink, and was able to focus a lot longer into the day— with no pop cravings! (Which is an additional thing I was going through- the migraine preventative made pop taste absolutely horrible, so I didn’t have the same access to sugar and caffeine that I was used to!) Most people will start to  notice a difference, even if slight, during the first seven days of use…… although not all will.  (see that disclaimer up there 😉 )

And there I was…. that is my “why I tried it” story.

But, why, you are asking, why on earth did you start selling?

Because I want other people to feel better too.

Because I was looking at having to get a second job anyway, and I already had the ambassadorship, so why not work this?

Because I like fixing things—- which gets into a whole spiral of stuff.  I like fixing our house- but that takes money (Second job?).  I like fixing people’s problems, Plexus is one way I can do that.

And that is where my big WHY came.  My “Why do I get up in the morning?”  My “Why do I do the things I do?”


i believe

I believe in fixing what is broken (REPAIR).  I believe everyone and everything has potential (REHABILITATE).  I want to help that potential come to fruition (RESTORE).  And most importantly, I believe that together, we can all be the best possible version of ourselves.

Feel free to follow me as I dive into the journey with both feet.  You can expect me to be open and honest with you.  You can expect me to try to find you truthful information to help you make an informed decision. You can expect me to encourage you to include your doctor in your plans for improving your life and your health- however that may be.

And I have said it before, and I will say it again— this doesn’t have to be about Plexus.   I am willing to be your accountability buddy for exercise or diet or some other (healthy) habit you wish to form.  I am willing to help you with personal relationships (I have so many drafts about things I have been through with that, which are as yet, unpublished while I consider exactly HOW I want to impart what I have learned).

Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Love and Blessings,


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