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New Makeup Every Month: A $10 habit that saves in the long run

I am sure you have seen the ads pop up on your facebook page, at least if you ever look at or shop makeup online, for IPSY.  The ads started popping up for me last year when I was trying to figure out a DIY look for my wedding.

Well, I ended up signing up in August of last year and have been getting Glam Bags every month since then.  And there is a reason I still get them. For $10 a month I get a present in the mail, and it’s filled with fun little goodies to try.  I will be honest, the first few I was like, “Um, what is THIS”, but every month I reviewed what I got, even if I haven’t had time to actually try it, I made sure to note if it was of interest to me, if I liked the smell and so on.

blog makeup 013.JPG
A favorite from a previous bag.  Smells, that is something that is easy to miss on! 

And every month, my bags have gotten more and more on target.  And this month, I got a sneak peak at my bag….

And can I just say….

I am SOOOOO excited, I just can’t hide it!

I cannot wait until this little perfect bag of goodies arrives for me to try.  Now, sometimes I am really excited about something and it arrives and I am like “no, way”.  But you know what, that happens with products I buy in the store!  And a trio of eye shadow would cost me six dollars alone in the store.  And a makeup brush another dollar- for a cheapie- and the makeup bag…. well, have you looked at how much those little bags cost lately?!?!?  It’s insanity.  Suffice it to say, even if a product doesn’t work out, I get my $10 worth every month.

So, let me share why I am excited about my bag this month.  This is what MY bag will have in it (they do different combinations for different interests etc, and if you start getting too much of one thing, retake the style quiz so that it favors something else- i have done that as well):



First off, this month’s bag- the envelope style, the cute shapes, and it’s PURPLE!   I LOVE PURPLE!   That alone is a shut-up-and-take-my-money item.  Just sayin’.

Then, there is the smash box mascara, which literally just last month I was thinking “I am about do for new mascara, I hope my Ipsy Glam bag has some so I don’t have to go buy some.”  AND, I have gotten this mascara from Ipsy before, and it’s my go to tube.  Absolutely thrilled.

Now, My profile favors eyes and lips, mostly because I have sensitive skin and it turns things colors on me, so blushers are hard to gauge and I just need to be able to purchase those on my own.  And foundation, well, my skin REQUIRES the lightest shade available in nearly every foundation out there, and even that is sometimes too dark, so I would rather that not be left to the luck of the draw.  But my eyes and lips, they can go a lot of places easily.  So, this month I have coming to me a new eye shadow trio, a common item to have in  my glam bag to be honest, but that is because I ALWAYS (well, except once) enjoy them and rate them highly.  In fact, one I didn’t think I would like is my “go-to”, “in-too-big-of-a-hurry-to-think”, eye shadow now (pictured below).  I am excited to try the pallet they are sending this month, as it has what I call “cool browns” and that is not only a fail safe look for me, but one that I love to tweak a little- more on the gray side one day, more on the pink side another, more gold the third… this will be a great addition, presuming I like the formula.

blog makeup 012.JPG
Makeup Go-Tos that came from Ipsy.  No, the bottom shadow didn’t arrive broken, in fact I have never had anything arrive broken from them.  Someone knocked if off the counter while I was getting ready….. ok ok ok it was me who knocked it off. 😉 

I also always rate brushes highly, in a few months I will need to change that, but for the time being getting the new brushes brings me joy, even if I don’t or can’t use them right away.  And until they stop bringing me joy, I will encourage Ipsy to send me more.  Despite the collection they have already sent:

blog makeup 006.JPG
My growing collection from Ipsy- pink and sparkles and fun! 

What I love though, is that while matching brushes give a nice cohesive look to your makeup studio, mine are already mismatched- my favorite powder brush is Mary Kay and my favorite blush brush is Estee Lauder.  I have had them for years, no lie.  I clean them regularly in baby shampoo, reshape and lay over the edge of the sink so that they can dry.

blog makeup 007.JPG
Old standbys

So, since I am already mismatch, I love that now I have pink brushes, and brushes I didn’t have, and now this fun whale brush.  Like, seriously, how can you not giggle and smile a little while doing your makeup when there are these cute animals and pretty colors?

Also included for me this month is lip treatment, something I have gotten a few times, and pretty much always like, but seldom use.  That makes the sizes that Ipsy sends me perfect- I don’t feel so wasteful.  This will be fun to try 😉    (note: they send you at least one full size product, mine is usually the eye shadow or lipstick, sometimes it’s a liner.)

And the hair serum, well, I think my hair will need to grow out a bit before I can really use that.  See, I used to have really long hair, like middle of my back hair, and I got a round brush stuck in it.  I had a choice: cut my hair, or rip off my scalp.  Both were painful, but either way I wasn’t going to have as much hair, and cutting the hair was slightly less painful than ripping off my scalp.  Yeah, my hair, while there is a lot of it,  is fine in texture and I don’t know how to use a round brush… and will not ever be trying again 😉 .  But, the reason they send me the serum is also related to my feedback.  See, every month I review the items they give me (I said that already), and they give me points for reviewing those items.  I bank up these points, and then every few months I have enough to cash in for an extra item in my glam bag.  One month I cashed it in for this stuff:

blog makeup 010.JPG
The Bomb-Diggity hair conditioner, styling aid, and heat protectant stuff!

And I LOVE it.  Since my hair is shorter, I blow dry a lot more, and was worried about damage, this stuff helps protect my hair from heat damage.  And conditions it, and really just plain helps it style better.  It alone was worth $10.  So, naturally it was highly rated and now they want me to try more hair oils.  Which is fine, in the winter my hair can use more moisture anyway, so they will get used.  And if they don’t, I put them on Yerdle or donate them, or gift them.  No biggie.

ipsy fails.jpg
Ipsy things I have given away on Yerdle, with the exception of the tweezers.  

I used to really wonder about these subscription services, if they were worth it, and now I can say with faith, Ipsy is worth it.  I imagine the others are too or they wouldn’t last long, but I can really only afford one subscription right now, and can only personally attest to my satisfaction with Ipsy.

If you would like to give Ipsy a go and get your own subscription (which you can cancel at any time) use this link.

blog makeup 009.JPG

And there are other bags not pictured that are being used for other things, like one has my crayons in it (yep, big kid right here).

Toodles for now!


5 thoughts on “New Makeup Every Month: A $10 habit that saves in the long run”

  1. I totally agree; Ipsy lets you try stuff out without having to buy the full-sized, super expensive version and I don’t know about you, but my “samples” last forever! And for $10, it’s a great deal.


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