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The Cost of Love: In Dollars and Cents

Years ago, when things started going crazy with my kiddos, things also went crazy, the opposite way, for a high school classmate of mine.  I don’t know that we have real life talked since high school to be honest, but as we have taken our respective journey’s with our children we have talked via messenger, trying to help each other find resources and balance, and more importantly prayers.

My kids were being ripped away from me, and she was being put in a position of having to care for two darling children.  And a roller coaster of equal intensity to my roller coaster ensued for her, as she did everything she could to be there for those children, and the biological mother struggled with her own issues and choices.  I don’t know the biological mother’s story, and like all of us, I am certain she has one.  It also really isn’t any of my business, and has little to no bearing on this story except that she continued to put the care of children with Leonie.

And then, the day finally came, where the parents signed over guardianship of the girls to my friend.  The parents of these girls made the ultimate sacrifice and put their children in the hands of a couple who loves them as their own.  And whatever mistakes the parents may have made, that decision deserves recognition.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of an adoption, and even those of us who have just watched many friends go through it, know that it is a costly experience.  Emotionally as well as financially.  Everything changes, you have to take jobs based on what lets you raise the children.  You deal with behavioral things that you simply can’t begin to comprehend.  There are ups and downs, “yes it’s working” stacked with “this is going to fail”.  But despite the cost, these people provide love and stability and will do whatever it takes for the children that have become their own.

Now, my friend Leonie and her husband are presented the opportunity for a full on adoption of these children, and need help getting the funds together.

The cost of an adoption varies greatly depending on how the children are “acquired”  – I hate using that word, makes it sound like shopping at Wal-mart and it’s not at all like that.  Children adopted from foster care, according to, is significantly less than private infant adoption.  Leonie’s adoption of her two girls falls in the middle, at about 6K.

She has set up a funding campaign on to get funds together and finance this adoption.  It will provide these children “permanent” security that they have not had for most of their childhood.  Something they need.

Please consider giving even five dollars to help this family become a family in every way that matters to the law.  They already are in heart- let’s help them make it official! The link is below for you to click and contribute.

Contribute to Leonie’s Adoption Fund

For those who may be considering adoption as an option to grow their family, I encourage you to visit to get information regarding financing.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you for ANY help you can give this family.


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